Here is the Photoalbum of the Wedding on February 9th 2007 in Boca Raton, Florida

And this is how the Navigation works:

>   click on a FOLDER to view it

>   click on a THUMBNAIL to see a medium size PICTURE

>   click on the upper half of a Picture goes back to the thumbnails

>   LEFT side click goes one BACK,
     RIGHT side click goes one FORWARD

>  click on the lower half of a Picture gives you a FULL SIZE VIEW,
    click on it and it goes away,
    RIGHT mouse click on it lets you 'SAVE IMAGE AS ...' on your Computer

>   there are Buttons in the top row for
      INDEX ... (Here's the Foldername) ... BACK ... FORWARD ... SLIDESHOW

If it's not working check if you have Java or Scripting Disabled (or ask the tech guys!)