So here are some pictures, finally!

Sorry it took me so long to get this online, but there were just soooo many pictures that
Will had, and I tried out many different programs to create an album till I found the one
I'm using right now (it's from and it's FREE!)
You have an index page, medium size pics and also the full resolution pics in case you
want to download them and print or save them for your own collection!

However, Will's way of labeling pictures and organizing his files was something only he
really understood, so I kept the original filenames and foldernames even though it seems
to me a bit incorrect at times ...
I tried to make sure though that no inappropriate pictures made it online, but if you think
there is something that should not be there please contact me first before my or your attorneys!!! I'll remove whatever it is as soon as possible!

Click HERE to see the Album Index

And this is how the Navigation works:

>   click on a folder to view it

>   click on the THUMBNAIL to see a medium size version

>   click above the picture CENTER goes back to the thumbnails

>   LEFT side click goes one BACK,
     RIGHT side click goes one FORWARD

>   click BELOW the center gives you a FULL SIZE VERSION,
     click again and it goes away
     RIGHT mouse click lets you 'SAVE IMAGE AS ...'

>   there are Buttons in the top row for

If it's not working check if you have Java or Scripting Disabled (or ask the tech guys!)